Our Story

Against the currents of fast fashion, Moonshaft was born as a movement against disposable trends and high mark-ups. As such, we go against the tides by offering premium leather goods that are not only durable but are fairly and honestly priced.  

Moonshaft is about slow living – whether in the pedantic process of selecting only quality leathers, hand-staining the hide to reveal effects like transparent tones or cascading gradients so each piece has its unique footprint, or perfecting details like the delicate embossing and stitching work you see laced through our masterpieces. Each procedure is a test of patience, skill and time – but surely, slow and steady wins the race.

Each Moonshaft creation is also an invitation for you to join our slow-living movement, as the leather’s ethereal gloss finish will, over time, adopt its own identity with sun exposure, natural body oils and the environment. In fact, our name, Moonshaft, is symbolic of the leather’s glossy finish revealed under this beacon of the night. Check out our Patina collection to see what we mean.

Our designs are men- and women-friendly and they are made to last. Take your time, cruise through our collection.

Moonshaft Bucket Bag in Tan