The Beauty of Age and Patina Leather

The Beauty of Age and Patina Leather

What is better than owning a leather product that is so unique, and resembles the person who uses them?

Every leather is unique with natural features and characters. They age beautifully with time and eventually develop their own unique patina, a gorgeous vintage finish that leather develops as it ages. Natural leather patina develops with age, the sun, natural body oils and the environment. It is a natural chemical process. Just like an older wine is, the more tertiary flavours it will have.

"So Supple and Versatile"

Growing the leather patina, aka the patina process can be an intense and highly involved art. It requires a high quality suitable vegetable tanned leather base. By using our signature Vachetta full-grain leather, an uncoated leather that is so supple and versatile that allows us to play and experiment with bold creativity. Our craftsman has created the Patina edition that defines time and longevity.

We use different kinds of tools for this, from paint brushes, cloth to sponges to create the water stains and the patina effect on the Vachetta leather. Imagine a painter does for a painting with his enthusiasm by mixing different colours with his palette, and applies a transparent coating to the leather product. As a result, our briefcases collection styles can take up to 20 hours to make for its Patina finishing technique. 

"The Moonshaft Patina Leather Allows Endless Creativity For Diversity and Interpretation"  

Art is a means of expression, communications, and a way to explore the world.The patina is a delicate art that demands precision and authenticity at every stage, it is simply a piece of art and every piece is different. Each of them is a unique artwork. 

The patina collection is available in Maroon, Moonlight Green and Midnight Blue.