What is Full Grain Leather?

What is Full Grain Leather?

People often get confused between full grain and top grain leather. Most people think they are just the same thing in different term, but yet they are different in terms of their quality, price as well as their durability. Let us find out what are the differences between them.

They are similar but different

Leather with the entire grain intact is called full grain. Full grain leather, even though it may have blemishes, is more expensive because they are the strongest and the most durable part of the skin, as well as resists moisture very well. On top of that, full grain leather can also develop a distinctive patina effect over time.

Top grain leather is the next best part of the leather. It is few millimetres underneath the full grain leather. With the top layer removed, the leather will have a more uniform finish, but it is not as durable as the full grain leather and it tends to break down in. a faster rate. This also explains why the full grain leather is more expensive than the top grain leather. 

What are the other common types of leather? 

Apart from these two types of leather, there is also split leather, which is the bottom part of the leather after being split. People usually refer to this bottom layer of leather as “genuine leather”, in fact this is a rather ambiguous term as it does not specify the quality of the leather. Moreover, this term is not used consistently and is also used to mean real leather as opposed to manmade faux leathers. Split or Genuine leather usually has an artificial layer applied to the surface and is embossed with a leather grain.

a close up shot of Moonshaft's full grain leather

In Moonshaft we only use full grain leather to ensure our products are in premium quality and durable. We support slow fashion and make products that are built to last.