How to slim your wallets?

How to slim your wallets?

Did you notice that our wallets usually get bigger and thicker from time to time? We love putting everything from receipts, business cards to even phone inside our wallets, because it is simply convenient and we often forget where they are if we place it elsewhere. How can I downsize my ridiculously bulky wallet is one of the questions that we always have. Here we explore different ways and solutions of it.   

thick wallet in the pocket

Start simple, look at your wallet first

First a bulky wallet is not only unattractive, but also easier to be stolen. So the first step is to audit your wallet, which is the easiest way to slim the size of it. Take out everything from there and have a good look of it. Is there anything you don't need anymore? You will be surprised by how much junk in it from receipts, cards to sticky notes. Simply say goodbye to them and your wallets will immediately be thinner. 

Think about what cards you really need 

After the first step, go through your deck of business cards that is in your wallets. Sort them into different categories, and in each category just pick out one to two cards that are necessary on a daily basis.  Some cards that are useful but not used often can be put aside at your home, and only carry the most important cards out.

Digitise it 

Take pictures of your receipts and business cards. There is no reason to store receipts and carry lots of business cards in your wallet. Nowadays we can use smart phone to take picture of it and simply look it back when needed. 

Bring less cash 

Cash is important, yet nowadays there are more people ditching bills and coins in favour of credit, debit and digital payments, through apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, depending on where you at, cash is still indispensable. Remember to bring some instead of none - better be safe then sorry! 

wallet with too many banknotes

Get a better design wallet 

Bring a better design and thinner wallet is a great way to start the idea of carrying less. Try out Slim Bifold.  Its modern, minimalist aesthetic construction ensure the short wallet is a worthy addition to your daily essentials. Featuring eight card slots and two full-length bill compartments that slips easily into pockets. This popular slim style can be easily slipped into back pocket. Our RFID Bifold is another option, a wallet that is not only slim enough but also offers space for extra cards slots and notes, the centre aluminium card case offers a unique way to store your cards.  

Slim Bifold 

Now we gives you five different methods to slim your wallet. Simply carry less and be more productive. Let's follow these and see if this helps!