How to make your leather goods last longer? | Moonshaft

How to make your leather goods last longer? | Moonshaft

Investing in precious leather goods does require a good amount of money and that is why every owner would like to keep their collections in good condition over the long run. Here are some tips and tricks for you to prolong the lives of your leather goods!

Know and understand your leather

Each kind of leather has its own characteristics, which means there isn’t a universal solution for all types of leather. We should learn about the leather our goods are made of and figure out the proper way to take care of them.

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Store them well and use a dust bag

Leather products are usually durable but they can also be somewhat fragile. Never put your leather goods into a pile and they should rather be placed in an upright position on a shelf or inside a cabinet to maintain their shapes.
Do not forget to use your dust bag! Store your goods in dust bags will protect them from dust and dirt. You can use a plain cotton bag or pillowcase as an alternative. Never store your goods in PVC and vinyl as these will trap moisture inside.

Stuff them

Leather goods may soften and slump over time, which makes stuffing necessary. Stuffing your bag provides support to its structure and avoids creasing on its surface. We recommend stuffing your goods loosely with acidic-free tissue paper, natural fibre cloth or white towels to keep the shape intact.

Avoid excessive exposure to water and sunlight

Water can penetrate the leather surface and damage the nature of it, so avoid getting your leather goods exposed to the rain or significant amount of moisture. As a result of excessive exposure to sunlight, leather will also be faded and dried. Always refrain from direct sunlight and any sources of heat!

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Last but not least, keep up with a regular maintenance

Leather goods require plenty of attention and caring to prevent staining and signs of wear, therefore, remember to regularly clean and condition your leather products. Our daily essentials always add a lot of weight to the leather goods, so always make it a habit to declutter and organize them every day or week.

As long as the maintenance practices are followed, your leather goods will remain beautiful and their life spans will also be extended!