How to Clean your Leather Bag

How to Clean your Leather Bag

Everyone loves good leather, and if you’ve invested in a good leather bag, then you should also invest in a leather bag cleaner. While a good leather bag can be quite stylish and fashionable, it can easily lose its appeal when not cleaned properly. Fortunately, we’re here to help you avoid that dilemma.

Without further ado, here are the steps you can follow to clean your leather bag, keep it dirt-free, and preserve its quality for a longer time:


1. Remove any dust present

Before you start cleaning your leather bag, you should make sure to remove any dust and dirt on the surface of your bag first. You can do this by using a soft-bristled brush then dusting your bag’s surfaces briskly.

2. Empty your bag

Once you’re done, start to empty your leather bag to make the cleaning process less hassle and remove any loose dust and dirt present inside your bag. Also, make sure to unzip all pockets from the inside and outside then turn your bag upside down for dirt to fall up.

3. Apply your cleaning solution to the bag’s surface

Make sure that you have your bags cleaner ready. In order to get stains out, use a clean cloth with your cleaning solution then apply it to your leather bag in a circular motion. Just make sure that your cleaning solution is one that’s specifically formulated for leather.

After applying the solution, use a slightly damp cloth to remove any traces of the cleaner. This will also help prevent clogging your leather bag’s pores. You want to do this for regular care and maintenance of your leather bag. Ideally, it should be done at least once a month. Once you’re done cleaning, use a small dry towel to dry your leather bag.

4. Condition your bag

The next thing you should do after cleaning is to condition your bag’s leather. Since high-quality full grain leather is a natural material, it will normally dry out over time if not conditioned properly. To ensure that your bag will look stylish and brand new even after years of usage, applying a leather shine for bags – or a leather conditioner – into it is highly recommended.

To do this, simply apply a conditioner to a soft cloth then rub it into your bag’s surface. Make sure not to apply the conditioner directly into the leather. Also, you should only rub a thin layer into your bag’s surface. Make sure to work on areas like the pockets, zippers, and embellishments properly.

After you’re done applying the conditioner, use another dry cloth to buff the surface of your bag. Just like regular cleaning, you want to condition your leather bag on a basis, preferably around 1-2 times per year.

Cleaning Without a Leather Cleaner

 If you don’t have a leather cleaning solution, you can use a handmade solution instead. Fortunately, there are a few homemade alternatives that you can use. They’re as follows:

  • Cuticle remover – For this, you want a non-oily version. Dip a cotton swab into it, wipe it on your bag’s surface, leave your bag overnight, then wipe off using a damp cloth afterward.
  • Lemon juice with cream of tartar – Make a paste with the said ingredients then use a cloth to apply it to your bag. Let sit for a few minutes then wipe with a clean cloth after.
  • Rubbing alcohol – Simply dip a cotton swab into a rubbing alcohol then wipe it on your bag’s surface.

However, before you commit to any of the alternative solutions, make sure to test them on a small, hidden area of your bag first to see if they could damage your leather’s quality or not. Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with a stain that’s very hard to remove, it’s advisable to use a specially formulated leather cleaner or take it to a leather specialist instead.

Storing Your Leather Bag

Now that you now know how to clean your leather bag, it’s important that you know how to properly store it too.

Keeping it safe is simple. All you have to do is stuff your leather bag with bubble wrap or crumpled butter paper first. This is needed so that your bag will retain its shape while you store it. Next, put it inside a pillowcase so that it won’t rub off on other items while you keep it away.

Then, find a cool and dark place. This is important because sun exposure can damage the bag. Once you find a spot, do not hang the bag as the handles can stretch out after some time. If it has metal handles, put it inside the bag and wrap it around bubble wrap or butter paper as well. This is to prevent scratching the inside of your bag.

These are some of the most effective tips when storing your leather bag. Follow these steps and you’ll surely maintain your bag for a long time.