Be more with less | MOONSHAFT

Be more with less | MOONSHAFT

Minimalist lifestyle is all about living with what you need and it has become a life-changing principle. It allows you to focus on your own wellbeing, health and fill your life up with meaningful things you love.

Sometimes people tend to think that “minimal” is equivalent to “boring”, but actually they are not the same. Moonshaft greatly believes that every person can still look just as stylish and cool with a minimalist collection.

With simplicity in mind, Moonshaft offers genuine full grain leather products without all the fuss and big logo. All the pieces are designed to be ageless and versatile for everyone.

As a brand that has always been fundamentally motivated by the minimalism, our goal is to empower our customers by creating a sense of freedom for them through our designs and products.

Moonshaft Half Moon Coin Purse Minimal Wallet